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Who gave DARPA authority to release coronavirus?

Aim4truth.org says:

With the British coronavirus, they invented the virus first (which presumably means they already have the vaccine), then introduced it into the public in far off China to scare people into paying billions of dollars to the vaccine makers–in this case The Pirbright Institute funders.

This modus operandi to use propaganda to insight panic to move markets and make money, is totally criminal. Since our courts are enriching themselves off this scam too, it behooves We The People to step in a stop this profligacy.

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the group around Americans for Renovation is larger and better each month, they dig into old contracts, treaties, documents that are out of plain sight and bring them up for all to see.

Listen to this interesting piece of history where a lot what is happening in our year 2019 found its origin and beginning

please know: you must search for yourself, protect yourself well and once you have done that YOU CAN DISCERN between lies and truth


I am surprised how many people are lured into the amazing stories around the climate, which is always undergoing changes, minor ones, or huge ones, you only have to look at our history.

Of course we as a total humanity, do not really love and care for mother earth, we keep exploiting her, not giving back, we keep using plastics, we take her pristine land away and in the Alps in Europe we know we have been building 70% of her land that was always not fit for construction (too dangerous – landslides – deforesting – snow avaanches – waterfloods etc). But we want to live in nature and so we don´t care.

Many are upset and talking about the misuse of the young children for the global climate agenda which is not a nice thing to do.

Here some more interesting info about the craziness and some very god common sense opinions

A good article from The Herland Report who do very profound and interesting interviews online too. She links the whole situation with the economics that is not easy explainable nowadays with the funding of oil while trying to ban oil at the same time. Is someone going to make a lot of cash $$$$$ here and will be overpowered?? Read her article following the link below

more articles of interesting on the Herland %Report Website
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I really wonder what is going on in the world, with the hysteric people screaming and following a young girl that thinks she is the real bringer of THE CO2 and climate message.

There were some before her, like Russell

Grant, like a young boy from Sweden, like a son of the Rothschild family, that disappeared again, (you can surf for their videos!!) not having much success with their message. Now a vulnerable beautiful young being has taken that spot, are we happy? Are we sad? I am sad as manipulating the children is not very nice and we should not be part of it.

Well for me there are three categories of persons, you choose and do your research into this worldwide topic yourself, you discern for yourself and do the homework and please use common sense, ordinary old fashioned common sense.

first you have people that wish to believe the end of the world is in 10 years, they are charmed by the hidden rituals, ceremonic specials, well planned talks and mystical signs, unconscious, but they fall for it and are exited.

second you have the people that feel something is wrong, is off, they feel it is not free energy and not a neutral projection. They love somebody is wanting to do something for our world, they love being part of it, but they back out in between, as they feels things got weirder and more aggressive. They talk about the elite pushing this, the money involved, paying this etc. (all true)

third group of people is mediale and connected to source, they are clairvoyant, clairhearing or feeling and can see what is going on, as they can see energies, energyfields, colors, demons, entities, astral influences, and see behind the veil.

For you to research what you receive, see, what you resonate with.

Perhaps you start to look at Gretass face when they keep her away from the president yesterday in NY. Use your intuition, your god given abilities to discern what you are seeing. Do you feel Love? Compassion? Human Respect?

I will post several videos, so you can see for yourself what you are feeling about what is happening everywhere, worldwide. In the Netherlands they stopped building houses, as they take too much C2O. Now the cows must go!

Why don´t they talk about the plastics in the oceans, the chemicals in our food etc. Well enough, I will start with a word of one of my favorite “real” scientists James McCanney, his weekly free radio shows are jewels to listen to.


McCanney’s Law of GREEN Hysteria … The following was in response to a listener who urged recycling all those little bags etc … sounds good and GREEN does it not ??? so here was my reply where i created McCanney’s Law of GREEN Hysteria … in all the recent plastics hysteria … which as with all recent GREEN hysterias (like promoting GREEN ENERGY from solar and 3 blade wind turbines that cost far more to build and install AND RECYCLE AFTER THEIR FAILED EXISTENCE than they will ever produce in their very limited lifetimes) … it comes with a caveat or gotcha … how much does it cost to recycle that bag ??? … first of all you have to use soap and water to clean the plastic as is now required by most municipalities … it takes gallons of water to wash an average day’s supply of plastics in an average household not to mention the soap … special handling at all points to get that eansy weansy bag  or straw or whatever to a recycling place to recycle … it turns out that it takes a LOT of energy to recycle and therefore recycling of itself is not as GREEN as people make it out to be … the reason plastics have been so popular goes back to when i was a kid (long before many of you were born) … people would bring their own containers to the food stores … food in the stores would be in a bins and people would scoop it out or take with their hands causing horrific germ contamination of the products .. plastics helped eliminate that problem along with better handling of food (a benefit many “Earthers” ignore today) .. one problem solved but creating another … the real issue here is simple … overpopulation in concentrated areas … whenever people have developed in concentrated areas the issue of WASTE has become an issue … the real solution could be plastics not from petroleum based hydrocarbons but from corn which is bio degradable … but then we are converting a food source needed by the world and this will drive up rice prices and people in third world countries will starve because now we GREEN people are using corn instead of petroleum based plastics … so lets go back to the ole hand in the bin method of food distribution and see the disease from food contamination sky rocket … therefore i have invented McCanney’s Law of GREEN Hysteria (kind of like Newton’s Law of action and reaction) … for every GREEN hysteria there is an equal and opposite reaction that is equally bad OR WORSE … jim mccanney

Videos of people who just explain what they feel, see, mean, that is a little different from what you hear on television or so:

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use subtitle if needed/untertitel aktivieren wenn nötig

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use subtitle if needed/untertitel aktivieren wenn nötig

use subtitle if needed/untertitel aktivieren wenn nötig
speaking at the UN in New York this week


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Jaron Lanier is a real weirdo, he is intelligent and has enormous visions and illusions about virtual reality and how we should be in it and use it.

As our world is becoming more virtual every day and I see how young people are addicted to all kinds of tech´s without have the memory and the feeling of a world without all this tech, I think it is amazing to read what these tech guru´s tell us. He is not the only one, but he is called THE GURU of VR. He is very powerful and sits in many board across many different cooperations. Is this our future, do we wish this??

here are some links for you to research and learn for yourself as only what you feel and think yourself counts!!!



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feel like listening to two extreme interesting, different thinking persons? About life, the world, the religions, the faith and all the lies that are slowly becoming transparant in our world today!!! This is your interview!

Have fun!

YouTube Channel of Leo Zagami:

Website Jordan Maxwell: https://jordanmaxwellshow.com/

Be careful not to go to jordanmaxwell.com, this website with all of his work was stolen from him, as he says


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Lately so many speak about the spying on people all over the world, friends get crazy about getting out of FB, not bying a new smartphone or online banking.

It´s not easy to be a communicating part of this 2019 society and not have a laptop, a cell phone or ipad…………..

Bill Binney, an ex-NSA program-inventor-designer can explain how things work, as he was involved in the beginning of all those programs. Search him on the internet, he is very open and truthspeaking in his interview while choosing carefully his interviewers.

Programs he speaks about are: storm brew; fair view; ic reach from Nsa and others.

Many countries in EU and the UK participate

Bill Binney – Let me explain how all the “spying” on everyday people & officials works

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I guess we have to learn about how everything works and Bill Binney is definitily an ass on this topic as he was part of the invention and programming of this listening and copying what all people in the world say and write.

Listen to his clear explanation and start your own research, so you can use your discernment before making up your mind!!

The featured video is from 2014

OxfordUnion Published on Mar 21, 2014

the next video is from April4, 2019 from

LaRouchePAC Videos 
Published on May 7, 2017

KWilliam Binney, former technical director at the NSA, speaks to LaRouche PAC’s Jason Ross about Russia-gate, the intelligence community’s blackmail over elected officials, and what to do about it. Interview date: May 5, 2017

Shocking Mass Surveillance – explained by the inventor of the data collecting program: William Binney

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How does it work, when did it start, who is involved and who gives it to whom……….Binney discovered in 2001 that things were not correct and tried to tell his bosses, with no success. In this interview he explains in simple words how it works, so everyone can understand it!!!

Interview from Hanne Nabintu Herland from April 24, 2019

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXdGD_NvgCU