I am surprised how many people are lured into the amazing stories around the climate, which is always undergoing changes, minor ones, or huge ones, you only have to look at our history.

Of course we as a total humanity, do not really love and care for mother earth, we keep exploiting her, not giving back, we keep using plastics, we take her pristine land away and in the Alps in Europe we know we have been building 70% of her land that was always not fit for construction (too dangerous – landslides – deforesting – snow avaanches – waterfloods etc). But we want to live in nature and so we don´t care.

Many are upset and talking about the misuse of the young children for the global climate agenda which is not a nice thing to do.

Here some more interesting info about the craziness and some very god common sense opinions

A good article from The Herland Report who do very profound and interesting interviews online too. She links the whole situation with the economics that is not easy explainable nowadays with the funding of oil while trying to ban oil at the same time. Is someone going to make a lot of cash $$$$$ here and will be overpowered?? Read her article following the link below

more articles of interesting on the Herland %Report Website
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