Since a long time and certainly since 2012 many have spoken about the so called end times, change or spiritual evolution.

But…… which direction are we heading really in 2018? Do we still have a collective choice to avoid the “Plan” made many centeries ago by a small group of beings wanting control of exactly “everything”? Not many are aware of this “plan”, never saw the hidden for the public but not secret treaties, the Agenda´s, the meetings etc. But they are there, well and progressing, always forward but not in the speed as planned.

So humanity is attacking it and not always giving their consent to the wanted changes. Details of this plan must then be changed or slowed down.  Have a look at this video, it is very aveiling.

Sophia is all over the news, gives interviews and answers stupid questions of reporter that are having fun.  They are every day more in the open showing the “plan” so my question is:

Do You Pay Attention

you can follow the legal papers, you can follow the symbols and logo´s and you can follow the new laws and you will start knowing!

This video just out yesterday. The enemy isn’t hiding its intentions anymore. Are you paying attention.
SingularityNet & The Artificial Intellignce Revolution!

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