After getting so many questions from you about

  • how indigos explain our world
  • how you can be and stay in the heart
  • how you learn to discern between fake news and true information
  • how to harmonize heart and brain
  • how you can tap into your potential
  • why the world has gone so crazy these days
  • the diffence between the different children waves that came to earth
  • the problems young people confront

I start a collection of videos and audios answering those special questions that can help you become more aware, more in your heart, have more compassion and empathie, but also become a critical of all the fake, the lies, the upsidedown world.

many many more important topics and solutions will be dicussed and explained to assist you in unterstanding this upside-down world and……… yourself.

Change yourself and you change the world, little by little