Her book Doctrines of Demons is available on her website.

A good source to inform yourself about these groups leading our world in the background is Carolyn Hamlett. She has spoken in the past in various interviews about her childhood, her upbringing in one of the blood line families and how she worked with her mother on a certain spiritual level. She helps you to understand those worlds well hidden for most of humanity.


I include a video link to her conversation with Loren Grace, but please do your own research and listen to the many conversations she did many years ago!

What follows is a recorded conversation between Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace.

In order to understand the significance of our message and the implications it has for the present day and for the near future, it’s important for you to know what our background actually is. So, we are doing what we can to set the record straight, once and for all, about what our background is in working within Satan’s spiritual hierarchy.
Some of the things we talk about in this video include:

  • The organization and structure of Lucifer’s (Satan’s) hierarchy
  • World systems
  • Gnostic Christianity
  • Ascended Masters and the Illumined Ones
  • An overview of Carolyn’s background, and her experiences with being a former Illumined One
  • An overview of Loren’s background, and her experiences in working within the governing section of Satan’s hierarchy
  • Astral meetings and ceremonies
  • Programming, conditioning, and astral schools

more on her website, where she explains the difference between the different groups and naming!!!!

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