Do you love the earth? Nature and humanity, with all its wonderfull visions, creativity and empathy?? I do.

I love the power of being able to communicate with my friends all over the world through skype, facetime or whatsapp or other. Do you??

Technology is neutral for me, it is how we use it that bothers me in our society. Many inventions are used in the military for wars, to harm people, to lie to people or make them buy things they don´t need or eat food that hurts them.

Social media is neutral too, it depends how it is used. I hear that many young persons commit suicide because they do not get enough likes or they compare themselves to all the “so called beautiful” beings on Instagram, perhaps fake and not so happy in real life.

It is interesting to listen to Michael McKibben, who was at the birthplace for technology needed to start the many social media platforms. This is an older video from 2017, but please listen to him in 2018 and 2019 too.

You can do your own research, visit his website with following link:

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