We are a collective of Indigo beings wishing you would wake up and want real change. Most of the humans are silently giving their consent to everything done . Most of these things not favourable for humanity. We want freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of feelings and freedom to live where we wish, with others we love. Do things together, grow our own healthy food together, raise our children without chemicals in their bodies.

Feel the same? Come support us!


One of the greatest questions facing humanity is what to do with evil. Shall we battle it with a sword of wisdom and ignore evil and see only the good? Put our head in the sand?

Or shall we absorb and transform it in a spiritual way? And evolve in life, as is meant to be?

Evil is everywhere and in mostly every newscast, television show and movie. The greater the evil displayed, the larger the audience. Evil is so „mainstream“ now, people don´t even react, when bombs fall on 10.000 innocent people somewhere. This Dark  is causing chaos, destruction and destabilization in their wake, in us and around us.

How can  you learn how to transform it?  

First: –  we need to know what evil is.

Second: –  we should realize that we need it to grow and become powerful spiritual beings.

That´s why we post many different and relevant info´s as regularly as we can!

We have a mission: RED PILL THE MASSES


Indigos are system busters. Their Potential helps them to connect the dots, have an overview in connection with their intuition and heart waves. Not many can feel instantly like they do. To be able to change you need to know the reality of our life on earth, know about our human origins, understand who plays a dominant role and what your role is.

THEN …….We can have CHANGE